Crunchy Snacks (Microwaved Crunchy Snacks)

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A tasty, crunchy and less oily snacks for your tea time. The traditional process for making this namkeen is by deep frying soaked masoor dal and poha. But this is made with VERY less oil.
We all have a habit of munching some savory snacks at teatime or anytime or MOST time of the day 😛 In that case you cannot always eat deep fried snacks. So I wanted some tasty yet healthy and low fat snacks and this idea came to my FOODY mind 😉 I never expected any namkeen without deep frying tastes so well 😀
Try this less oil crunchy and healthy snacks at home and eat all the time when you feel hungry (apart from your meals time :D).

  • 1/2 Cup soaked masoor dal/ Lentil
  • 1 Cup Chivda/ Poha/ flattened rice
  • 2 Tbsp oil
  • 1/4 Tsp red chili powder
  • 2 Tbsp namkeen sev (optional)
  • Salt as required

Step 1- Remove masoor dal/ lentil from water and place it on a cotton cloth or kitchen towel for 15-20mins
Step 2- Spread dal in a safe microwave plate and add 1tbsp oil and mix well and microwave for 2min first, toss and again microwave for 5mins. Keep tossing after each minute until its crunchy and remove in a bowl
Step 3- Spread poha/ flattened rice in a microwave safe plate, add 1tbsp oil and microwave for 2-3mins. Toss after each minute. When it’c crunchy remove in a bowl
Step 4- Mix microwaved masoor dal, poha and namkeen sev in a bowl and add salt and red chili powder and toss well
Enjoy this snacks with your hot cup of tea. You can munch this namkeen between your meals to keep your tummy happy happy 😀

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