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Hello fellow foodies! So I am back from India after a loonnnggg break and so the “Blogger in me” is back too and GUESS WHAT? just after landing here I started missing Indian street food 😦 and yes of course HOME too 😀 I guess more than anything it was more of a food break 😀 Nevermind! Until n unless I am gaining weight 😛
“Delhi! Yeh Sheher Nahi Mehfil Hai”…Indeed it’s true. Delhi is packed with cuisines from the corner of the streets to the corner of the world. Though I have lived in Gurgaon for only approx 3years but was enough to know that It’s a place for foodies like me 😀 and I was there again after almost 1year.

So the day after reaching Gurgaon we were in Chandni chowk because we wanted to visit Red Fort and then Parathe Wali Gali or you can say my Hubby and my brother wanted to go there So I had no other option other than going along with them 😛 If you are a true lover of Parathas so you must go there at least once and enjoy the deep fried parathas which are served with tari wale alu, sweet n sour garlic pickle, and pumpkin curryThis is not so healthy but worth a try if you happen to be there. Though the parathas were little too greasy for me but were good. And just to digest those deeply fried parathas we had a glass full of Lassi.

And then there’s an Ice-cream wala stall which I guess was new in Sector 14 market of Gurgaon. The way ice-cream rolls were made was interesting and you just can’t miss out interesting things :D. I am a BIG BIG fan of momos and especially that spicy chutney. So we ate momos, veg patty burger and then those ice-cream rolls made with fresh kiwi and sweet milk.  You all might be thinking I have a good digestive system. Well…Hell No! But then this is the only time I can enjoy street food 😛

The schezwan paneer roll, chili paneer roll and chicken momos from Frankie were mind-blowing and tummy filling. Oh boy, that was something I won’t mind eating on daily basis without getting bored. The best rolls I ever had till now. And the hot steaming momos with spicy garlic-pepper chutney was cherry on the cake. Delighted is the word. 🙂
Chai point! A place for chai lovers likes me 😀 Great ginger tea. Mission “Happy Tummy” successful.

After taking a few days to rest I had had to meet my friends at Huda city center metro. And there is a new food joint from Saudi. Thanks to my friends for taking me there. Though I don’t remember the name but that serves the most amazing Chicken Shawarma. That juicy, melt in mouth shawarma is enough to make me droll anytime, anywhere 😀 Well..Someday I will try that recipe too 😛 And that Nescafe was just a break from eating more. 😛 Although I was full but still had the last plate of Dahi-Papdi Chat to make sure I don’t eat anything after that. Every time I visit Haldiram’s outlet I never miss eating Dahi-papdi chat there.

For a few days, I avoided eating outside just to eat MORE outside later. 😀 So after *few* days (ahemmm..I guess 4-5 days) I and my little cousin sister and maasi went for shopping and to celebrate my maasi’s 25th Wedding anniversary and to give her a break from cooking too and of course the foodie I wanted to go Pind Balluchi. Why Pind Balluchi? Because that place offers delicious Punjabi cuisines for your taste buds and also it takes you to the pind’s of Punjab with its interior.

Without wasting any time I ordered my all-time favorite starters Dadi-De-Kabab and Paneer Tikka. Those melt in mouth, juicy starters with the right amount of spices and properly cooked is something I really like about this place.

Not to forget, my little cousin is a Vegetarian. So we ordered Dum-aloo, butter naan and Vegetable Biryani for her. And for Us? Bhuna Murgh, Butter Naan, and Chicken Dum Biryani.Ahhh..I want to have it again..Right Now! Gonna try Bhuna Murgh too some time..Later I guess 😀

Have you heard of Sarojini Market of Delhi? No am not going to talk about shopping here 😛 If you ever get a chance to go there do try chicken momosVeg Chowmin for sure. Opposite Haldiram’s there is a fruit juice shop, just behind that shop is this momos wala stall. Spicy, melt in mouth, delicious momos.
And at the entrance of Sarojini market is this veg chowmin wala shop. Crunchy veggies and soft noodles with everything in the perfect amount. A plate full of mouthwatering hot and spicy chowmin I am looking for from my next trip to India. 😀 Though he prepared chowmin in front of me and I tried the same recipe at home But God…what extra ingredient he added is still I am looking for 😀

This fried rice and chili paneer are again from Haldiram. I just mixed these two in a plate and enjoyed till the last spoon full of this yummy treat. Bring me Chinese food and I am Happy 😀

Enough of Street Foods! Well, I have more to share 😛 but I don’t have the pictures so not including here. That’s all is enough to make anyone droll. 😀 Looking forward to my next trip to enjoy more street foods which I miss here 😦 Till then keep cooking and enjoy 😀


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