Seasoning A Clay Pot

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Finally I am going to use my Clay Pot which I got from India few months back. Last year I came across many posts with clay pot cooking and its health benefits and the flavor, taste and aroma it gives to the dish. Since then I was thinking to get one…And Ta Da…Here it is. 🙂

I am going to use this beauty for the very first time in my life and I am not much aware about the Do’s and Don’t for using clay pots. So the curious me wanted some answers and Google and Youtube came to my rescue. As many youtube videos suggest I need to season it first before using it. So a quick guidelines how to season your clay pot.
I have seen in India people directly cook on gas in clay pots but mine is a electric gas stove so I am going to use a heat diffuser. I would suggest to use heat diffuser for first few times.
How to season a Clay Pot:

  1. Wash the clay pot thoroughly with running water to wash off any impurities. Make sure you wash it both from inside and outside including the lid too

2. Fill the pot with tap water and cover the lid. Leave it soaking for 24hrs. This helps to remove the smell of the clay

3. After soaking it for 24hrs again rinse it with tap water and dry the pot with a cloth or kitchen towel

Apply coconut/ sesame oil using your hands inside and out properly. Make sure you rub oil all over the pot

4. Switch on the stove and put the clay pot. Heat the pot on low flame for 2mins and then on high flame for 5mins. Switch off the flame and let the pot cools down

Again fill the pot with tap water and let is soak overnight/ 24hrs. Follow the same process for 3days after which your clay pot is ready to use. 🙂


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