The Instant Pot Fever!

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I am passionate about cooking and I love the traditional way of cooking like our mothers would do. Not every recipe requires putting all the ingredients at the same time. Some recipes taste better when cooked in the traditional way, by adding one ingredient after another. Some require pressure cooking, some doesn’t. Some require slow cooking and some are ready in minutes. There are various kind or pots and pans available for different kind of dishes. I love buying a different kind of cookware sets. You can even say I am kind of obsessed with my pots and pans. 😛 I was in no intention of buying one more gadget for my kitchen because I already have enough gadgets in my kitchen and that’s taking all my countertop space.
In the last one year, I have heard lots n lots of Instant pot stories and every time someone would post Instant Pot recipe I want to try that right now in Instant Pot. I was so excited to know more and more about that. And, most importantly, a multi-function cooker? And speeds up the cooking without compromising on the taste part? Doesn’t require any baby sitting? 😀 and many more advantages. Really? I am convinced to buy an Instant Pot. 😀
This whole thing continued for more than a year and when finally I was convinced and to know why everybody so much loves instant pot for cooking, without wasting any more seconds, my husband ordered it before the deal is gone. It’s been only a week I have started cooking in that and trust me, I am totally in love with my new gadget. It’s been only a week to give any feedback but I guess that’s more than enough time to know about your gadget. 😀 I know many of you would still don’t want to spend on one more gadget when you can do all these in your regular pots and pans. I too thought the same, But trust me once you start using this multi-purpose programmable pressure cooker you won’t go back to your cookware sets. Obviously, I won’t throw my cookware sets, I love them more than anything. 😀 And I will still cook in them.
IMG_9927So what EXACTLY is an Instant Pot? Exactly my question a year back. A device which is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker, and keeps your food warm. And perform all these functions without your supervision.Now no more spilling of food, no more heap of dishes in the sink. Doesn’t this all sound impressive? A safe, convenient, and dependable gadget for you.
Since last one week, I am not using my pans for making any curry, I am not using my rice cooker because now I can cook rice and lentils at the same time in my Instant Pot, vegetable pulao, cooked mutton and that came out delicious like always, fermented my dosa batter in that and cooked sambar, made yogurt in that (now no more buying of yogurt from the store)…Ahhh! the list won’t stop here. 😀 And above all these, I get more time to sleep and do my work and relax and chill. 😀 The more I use Instant Pot the more I enjoy cooking in them. 🙂

And don’t forget the Hyderabadi “Dum Ki Chai”
So that’s all about my Instant Pot fever. Thanks for bearing the long post. 😀 The long story short, I love cooking in my Instant Pot. 🙂
In case if you want to know which Instant Pot you should buy, just go through the picture below to have a clarity.
Picture Courtesy (Instant Pot website)
Just before starting, read the manual and you are ready to use your friendly new kitchen gadget. 😀 Find the picture below for your reference:
Picture Courtesy (Instant Pot website)
IMG_0091If you are comfortable in cooking the traditional way in the pots, pans, and pressure cooker and love that way, you don’t need an Instant Pot. 🙂


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