Chocolate Cake | Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Everyone loves Chocolate? Yes? Of course YES! If your answer by ANY CHANCE is a No then, my friend, you need a doctor. Just Kidding! 😛 Well, here I am assuming everyone loves Chocolate. What does chocolate mean to you? To me Chocolate means celebration, be it small or big, a celebration is a celebration and they are incomplete without chocolates and cakes. 😀 And what’s better than a fudgy, moist chocolate cake. 🙂
I know there are PLENTY of chocolate cake recipe on the internet but I just could not control myself by posting this. If you are looking for a quick, easy, moist, fudgy, and delicious in every bite chocolate cake recipe then my dearies, your search ends here. 😀 This is one of the easiest chocolate cake recipes I have ever heard and tried. I promise you will going to love this chocolate cake. This is a one bowl cake recipe, which means you mix everything in one bowl and transfer to the baking pan. Even if you have never baked anything still you can try this basic chocolate cake recipe.
Calorie-conscious? Yeah, but when it’s about chocolate cake then I make sure the chocolate cake is worth every calorie I take. Have a piece of this chocolate cake for your dessert after every meal and don’t forget to workout a bit more to burn the extra calorie. 😉

Learn Step By Step Recipe With Pictures For Chocolate Cake | Easiest Chocolate Cake Recipe
Step 1- Preheat oven to 350ºF. In a large mixing bowl take oil, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. Whisk well using a hand whisker and then add the unsweetened cocoa powder to the bowl. Blend well without forming any lumps

Step 2- Add all-purpose flour to the liquid mixture with baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Stir until everything is well blended

Step 3- Mix in the boiling water to the batter and whisk until well blended. Grease two baking pans with melted butter/oil and pour the batter evenly into each pan and bake for about 20-25mins or until the toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove the pans and let the cakes cool down completely


Step 4- Take out the first cake and layer with the chocolate frosting. Put the second cake on the top and layer it too with the frosting


Add cake sprinklers of your choice. Serve and enjoy



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