Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownies | Fudge Brownies

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This one is my all-time favorite brownie to calm down my sudden mood swings (to be more specific..hunger swings). 😀 There are times when I ONLY crave for choco-chip brownies and my dear husband would go to the nearby store only for me. 😉 These insanely sinful brownies are so addictive that I just can’t resist myself from not having another bite at midnight. No wonder why I am gaining weight. Huh!
I wanted to bake my own brownies which I can have any time I want, without any guilt. Finally, I have done it! The insanely chocolaty, fudgy, chewy, delicious, and guilt-free Brownies. I have replaced all-purpose flour with the whole wheat flour but trust me, no one will be able to tell you the difference. The chocolate chips added to the batter leaves a melty, gooey, and rich texture in the inner layer which pure heavenly. ❤
You don’t need separate bowls for these brownies and no melting of chocolate, this is one bowl Brownies recipe with no mess and only 5mins for the preparation and 30-35mins for baking.  I have used 8*8 inch pan for thicker brownies, you can use 9*13 inch pan for thin brownies and keep an eye on the baking time as it may differ.
Serves- 8″ square pan, thick brownies

Learn Step By Step Recipe With Pictures For Chocolate Brownies | Whole Wheat Chocolate Brownies | Fudge Brownies
Step 1- Preheat the oven to 375ºF. In a mixing bowl, take olive oil and brown sugar, mix until smooth

Step 3- Beat the eggs using an electric whisk or hand whisk, one at a time until thoroughly combined

Step 4- Add the unsweetened cocoa powder to the mixture and mix until combined and make sure  no lumps are formed

Step 5- Add the whole wheat flour, baking powder, and salt to the mixture and using a hand whisk or spatula mix gently until well combined

Step 6- Add the choco chips and gently fold the batter. Grease or line an aluminium foil in an 8″ baking pan and pour the batter. Gently tap on the kitchen slave to remove bubbles. Level the batter with a spatula and add the 2tbsp choco chips on the top

Step 7- Place the pan in the heated oven and bake for 30-35 mins. Insert a toothpick in the center, if it comes out clean with a little crumbly texture, Brownies are done. The center will be a bit gooey but will firm up once brownies have cooled. Remove the pan and let them cool before cutting.
Cut them in the desired size and store any leftover wrapped in an aluminum foil or refrigerate for longer use



  1. I’m craving for brownies now😋..
    Jyo, I loved your basil pesto pasta, but unable to comment as I could not see comment section in that post..

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