Stuffed Pomfret | Bharlela Paplet (Koli Style) | Green Paste Stuffed Pomfret Fry

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Stuffed Pomfret or Bharlela Paplet, A whole pomfret is stuffed with a green paste and then shallow fried on the pan.

Mumbai food is as diverse as people living there with each street offering something different and delicious. The Kolis, the inhabitants of Mumbai’s, their food is very much influenced by seafood. Seafood is the most prominent part of their daily diet. Koli’s use a Koli Masala which is a blend of 12-15 (or more) whole spices which are first roasted and then grind to a powder. They use this masala in almost every dish from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. This stuffed Pomfret is one of their mouth-watering dishes.

See full recipe here…



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