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Happy Navratri Everyone! 🙂

It’s festivals season in India and that means it is a season of sweets too. I am sure I need not tell anyone how important sweets are in Indian festivals or any celebration be it small or big. I made these coconut Laddoos at the auspicious occasion of Navratri. I have two more reasons as for why I preferred to make these laddoos, it’s my Daddy’s birthday today and the husband too loves these laddoos. I have all the reason to make these delicious laddoos.


Coconut and condensed milk can make anything taste better and when they both are combined together they make a droolsome delicious dessert. ❤

Traditionally, coconut laddoos are made using fresh coconut, roasting the coconut with ghee, and cooking fresh milk for hours until it reduces to less than half. I am sharing an instant recipe for the coconut laddoos which you can make in 15-20minutes from start to end. Of course, there is no comparison between the traditional recipes and this instant coconut laddoo, but trust me, they both taste delicious.



A very quick, easy dessert recipe for your sweet tooth which can be made with just two ingredients. I really enjoyed making these laddoos as they are so easy to prepare even at the last moment and you only need two main ingredients- Coconut and sweetened condensed milk, that’s it.

These melt-in-mouth laddoos can be prepared on any occasion or you can take these laddoos to your potluck party or friends get-together. Prepare them a day before and refrigerate.


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  • Fresh Coconut, Frozen Coconut, or Desiccated Coconut, If you did not get fresh coconut then use the desiccated coconut. Grind the desiccated coconut into a coarse powder. If you are using frozen grated coconut, then do not forget to thaw it before using. Keep in mind that the coconut you are using should be very fine otherwise, grind it for a fine mixture.
  • Condensed Milk, Use a sweetened condensed milk for this recipe. If you are using an unsweetened condensed milk then add sugar as required. You can replace the white sugar with brown sugar or even jaggery to avoid the white sugar
  • Milk, If you feel the mixture is not binding together then add a little amount of milk. You can even add condensed milk if you have a sweet tooth.
  • Roasted Nuts, This is absolutely optional to use roasted nuts in this recipe. Add the roasted nuts at the last step and roll the mixture into small laddoos.
  • Cardamoms Seeds, I have not added cardamom seeds in my recipe. If you want a nice cardamom flavor then you can add the crushed cardamom seeds.
  • Storing, Add the laddoos in an airtight jar and refrigerate. It stays good for 4-5days. It tastes better after refrigerating.




Serves 28-30 Laddoos


  • 1 Lbs desiccated coconut (ground to a coarse powder)
  • 1 Can sweeten condensed milk (397gm)
  • 1 Tbsp ghee
  • ¼ Cup lukewarm milk
  • ½ Tsp crushed cardamom seeds (optional)
  • 1/3 Cup coarse coconut powder, for garnishing

Learn Step By Step Recipe With Pictures For Coconut Laddoo With Condensed Milk | Coconut Laddoo


Step 1- Heat a large pan and dry roast the coarse coconut powder on low flame until aromatic and you see light brown spots on few of them

Step 2- Add ghee, lukewarm milk, sweetened condensed milk, crushed cardamom seeds. Mix together everything. Heat on low flame until the mixture comes together remove from the heat

Step 3- Grease your palm with little oil, take a small portion from the warm mixtures and roll it into a ball. Follow the same way for the remaining mixture

Spread desiccated coarse coconut powder into a plate and roll each laddoo in the plate. Store the laddoos in an airtight jar and refrigerate for 4-5days


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