The Hidden Gem “Manohar Chat- Jamshedpur, India”

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Hello there!

How’s everyone doing? Enjoying summer, huh? It’s SO HOT here. I am doing good, though. ❤

Before you ask where was I during all these days…or actually a few months? Let me tell you I am all fine and I am here in India enjoying everything I missed in the last few years. 😀 To get into more details about these 2-3months you will have to wait a bit before I take out some time and write my amazing experiences and all the street food I tried here. Till then just enjoy reading this post and do let me know how much you missed me. Hehe. 😀

How many times does this happen that a small eatery with regular sitting and in a very busy market draws your attention towards it? Well, that happened with me yesterday and I was so impressed and happy that I wanted to share my experience with you all. IT WAS THAT AMAZING!

After a long and hectic day of shopping with family, we were about to leave the market when I saw this place which looked a bit different yet so regular and a normal eatery that somehow stopped me to move further and that’s when I enquired about that place. The husband dear told me that the owner is a HUGE (like  REALLY HUGE) fan of Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit. I asked everyone if we could just go inside and eat something as I just want to see that place from inside. As everyone was starving they all quickly agreed on this and also they told me that this is one of the best places to have CHAT (Indian snack) in Jamshedpur.

This eatery is located on the main road beside Basant Talkies, Sakchi, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.


The moment I entered the shop…Buoyyyyyyyyy! He really is a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of Madhuri Dixit. The entire wall is covered with Madhuri Dixit’s posters. Indeed a great fan! Of course, I was amazed but more than that I was happy to see that.

IMG_0981 IMG_0952 IMG_0918

We placed our order for Aloo-Chop Chat, Pakodi Aloo-Chop Chat, Papdi Chat, and Special Chat. Meanwhile, the order was coming husband told me more about the place and the owner. Every year on the day of Madhuri Dixit’s birthday, the owner gives FREE chat to the customers and also celebrates her birthday with a party. How cool is that! I was looking at all the posters and noticed one thing common in every poster- awareness about voting in the coming election. Apart from a huge fan of the diva Madhuri Dixit, the owner is a responsible citizen too. He is spreading awareness about the voting right and duty.



Just in time, our food came and well all were busy eating the delicious chat prepared by the owner itself. It was great, the taste, the quantity, quality…everything. After finishing our chat I just couldn’t control myself from not talking to the owner and tell him that how impressed I am with all this and especially the chat he made.




Just like the amazing chat and the shop, the owner is amazing too. Such a humble person he is. He took out time and came to talk to us on my request. He talked with so much kindness and respect and told me about his craze for Madhuri Dixit. Guess what? He’s met Madhuri Dixit in person and also has a tattoo of her’s. MORE IMPRESSED!

There was a printout of some youtube channel on the wall about which he told me that it’s his youtube channel’s link. He also gave me his youtube channel link. Visit the link here-


While leaving the shop I saw a large poster about voting awareness and a few flags. Curious to know I asked him about that and after that what he told me, I am now a fan of him. Respect! Respect! Respect! He told me that whenever he gets time from the shop he along with a few other people goes from streets to streets and spread awareness about people voting duty and their voting right. He gave me a pamphlet too.




After taking his permission I clicked a few pictures of him and we were about to leave when he asked us to stop. He went inside the shop and came with ice-cream bars as if there was anything left to be not impressed about this guy. I can’t tell you how happy and amazed I am. Such a sweet gesture by him. ❤


If you are in Jamshedpur, then I humbly request you to visit this place at least once. You won’t be disappointed either by the Chat’s taste or the owner. This indeed is one of the best and interesting places to stop for a quick bite.

The Happy Go Lucky Owner- Pappu Sardar!


Stay cool! Stay Happy!


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