The Blogger Returns?

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Did you quit blogging?

It’s been so long you haven’t posted anything!

That’s ok if you quit writing. Blogging is not for everyone. You did it for a few years and that’s fine.

Now just focus on your child as you are a mother now. Leave all this blogging aside.

Well, well, and well! I didn’t quit actually. I haven’t thought about that yet. *Thankfully*

Many a times I thought of writing recipes and posting it because that’s what food blogging is, right? To me, blogging isn’t just about posting the recipe with a picture. I didn’t start my blog to flood the web with one more page which provides recipes. There are already very good pages out there on the internet.

I love to try new dishes every time I step-in the kitchen (but that doesn’t always happen). I love to read about the dish I am going to prepare (if I am trying it for the first time). I love to click the pictures of food that I have prepared with so much of love. I will click 10-20 pictures at least of a single dish. I love to just sit there and write why I choose that particular dish or how I ended up making that particular dish. There are so many things I want to write. You got the point, right? I LOVE to write. I feel connected to you all when I write these stories which might not look interesting to everyone. I love to read blogs where people share their stories. Now you know why I love books?

Yes, I am mother now and I feel blessed (sometimes stressed too 😄). But that can’t be the reason I quit blogging. I am here to stay really really long.

Writing after so long that I don’t know where to start.

So let’s just start from where I left. We were moving from the Amreekaa to our land, India as I was expecting and I needed family to be there with me.

I did manage to write a few posts between my sleeping and eating.

My pregnancy was smooth (little did i know what storm is coming in my way😄). I enjoyed the pampering and all the attention I received from everyone around me. I was sleeping, eating, and reading books throughout my pregnancy. Ah…did I mention about my frequent trips to the washroom? BUOY! those trips made me super tired and hence I did more and more of sleeping. I ate everything that I had craved for when I was in The States.

The “D DAY” came a few days early as my little one wanted to meet everyone a bit early than estimated and everything changed from then on. Like LITERALLY! All the attention shifted from me to the little boy as if I never existed. Meh! 😕

Like I said everything changed. EVERY LITTLE THING CHANGED. And it changed for good. This little boy made me a MOM! How lucky I feel whenever I look at him. And how blessed I feel when I see the man I married is taking all the responsibilities from the very beginning. From sleepless nights to sleepless day, from changing diapers to feeding the baby. From playing with him to putting him to sleep. He is always there. A-L-W-A-Y-S.

Everything changed, yes that’s true and it’s true for both of us. If it’s hard, it’s hard for both of us. If it’s challenging, it’s challenging for both of us. Life has changed and it’s changed for both of us. Life is beautiful with this little bundle of joy. This little boy completes both of us.

Coming back to the point that I am here again. Thanks to the people who messaged me to come back to the blog. Thanks for checking up on me. Thanks to my husband for motivating me to make a comeback.

I was active all the time on my Instagram accounts. If you wish to follow me there, then here are my Instagram handles-

Here I share my food- FoodfrenzyJyokitchen

And here I share about my little boy- Jyotiraosingh

How can I not mention about this Covid-19 and what it has done. Everything was going fine until this virus came. Little boy was about to step out with us for trips to our favorite restaurants which I really missed for a few months after my delivery. But then look who’s here…COVID-19! And, the rest is as we all know. From cook-to click-to post became cook-clean-cook-clean. Phew!!!😅

So I was taking a break from the blog and then this covid-19 made me take an extra long break.

I will share a few of my lockdown aka no-eating-outside-food-so-cooking-at-home food in my next post.

Wish me luck guys and thanks for reading my comeback/ pregnancy journey. I feel so refreshed now. This feels so good.

Till then do share how all of you are doing and what you guys are doing in this stay-at-home period? (apart from doing all the household chores).

Stay Happy!

Stay Blessed!


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