Lockdown Cooking Tales!

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Who doesn’t love staying at home? We all do. But when you are forced to do so, you no longer want to do that particular thing, that’s human nature. This Covid-19 forced everyone to adopt this new normal.

Lockdown made everyone stuck/stay in their respective home. People who always cribbed to have some “me-time” or “family time” no more liked the stay-at-home idea. People who always wanted to have a day off from work, want to go to office now. It was all of a sudden that nobody understood how to enjoy this time (including me too). Nobody was prepared for this.

But there are some good things that happened too. We got TIME for the things we always wanted to do or thought of doing. We got TIME to spend with family. People found new hobbies to spend their time and the most common one is “Cooking”.

My social media profile flooded with #lockdowncooking. This lockdown has done something good too. 😄 If this lockdown has pushed us indoors and stopped our restaurants visits or street food hoping, then it has encouraged us to try all that food at home. Isn’t that good? I am not talking about the cleaning part (that’s behind the scenes part which nobody talks about).

I was away from blogging but I was never away from cooking.

Here are some of my lockdown dishes that I have tried for the first time and then there are some I have mastered now. 😄

Halwai Style Samosa
Egg Breakfast (just before lockdown)
Indo-Chinese Food
Fiery Momo
Sweets And Desserts

There are so many other food pictures that I want to include here but then that would be too much.

What’s that one thing that you discovered about you in this lockdown? Did you develop any new hobby? Did you finished all the episodes you once thought you would finish if you get a chance? Did you read something new?

Do tell me in the comments section what you guys are doing to keep you sane in this lockdown. 😄

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