Veggie Burger

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Once you make your own juicy patties at home, making burger isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is to build your own burger with your favorite toppings.

I have shared how to make Veg-Patties in my previous post. You guys can check.

Next time when I am making burgers , I am going to make my own buns, hopefully.

Even though the whole process of making Veg Patties Burger takes a bit of time, still you must try once making it at home.

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Serves 6


Let’s learn step by step recipe with pictures for Veggie Burger


Step 1- Slice the burger buns in equal halves. Spread some mayonnaise on the inner side on burger bun

Place the veg patty and spread mustard sauce as required

Step 2- Now, place the cheese slice and chopped veggies on the top. Now place the other half of the bun on the top

Brush some melted butter on the top and microwave the burger for 30secs or until the cheese slice becomes slightly soft

Serve with some french fries or chips on the side. Enjoy the Veggie Burger.


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