Lachha Paratha

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This is my first attempt at making Lachha Paratha at home and I am simply surprised by how beautifully it turned out- Crispy, flaky, and with lots of layers.

Though I still need to work on rolling the Lachha Parathas and I will be perfect at making it.

People often compare Lachha Paratha and Kerala Parotta but they are the two different flatbreads. Basically Lachha Paratha is made of whole-wheat flour. So the next time, I am going to try it with whole-wheat flour.

Lachha Paratha has its origin in the state of Punjab. The term “Lachha” means ring in Punjabi, the dough is rolled into the form of ring, and is layered with oil to make it multi-layered.

This recipe only needs 4 ingredients in total. The recipe is simple too.

Lachha Parathas goes best with any Non-Vegetarian curry or with Paneer dishes OR it’s your choice to have it with anything you want. 😄

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Serving suggestions- Butter Chicken, Hariyali Chicken Changezi, Chicken Keema, Chicken Changezi, Chicken Korma

Palak Paneer, Peshawari Chole, Paneer Tikka Masala, Spicy Dal Makhani, Kasturi Methi Paneer

Serves 6-8 Parathas


  • 2 Cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 Tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp ghee/ oil
  • Water as needed

Other Ingredients

  • Ghee/ oil
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • Nigella seeds or chopped coriander leaves

Let’s learn step by step recipe for Lachha Paratha


Step 1- In a large mixing bowl, take flour, salt, and oil. Mix

Knead to smooth dough. Cover and keep aside

Step 2- Take out the dough to kitchen platform and knead for 2mins. Divide into equal balls

Grease the surface. Take one dough ball and roll into a thin roti. Spread ghee and dust with some flour

Using a knife slice into noodle shape as shown in the image below

Step 3- Gently gather them at one place.

Roll the sliced dough noodles tightly and join the edges

Step 4- Sprinkle some nigella seeds on the top and roll into a round paratha

Step 5- Heat a griddle. Place the paratha on the griddle and flip over when one side is slightly cooked. Apply ghee

When cooked from another side, flip and apply ghee. Flip a couple of times until cooked and golden crisp

Serve the Lachha Paratha with any thick curried Veg Or Non-Veg Indian dish. Serve some pickled onions on the side and enjoy the meal.

Best is to serve with Butter Chicken.

Information source- Google search engine


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