Hi! My name is Jyoti Rao. Thanks for visiting my profile.

“…No One Is Born A Great Cook But One Learns By Doing It.” says a lot about me. I really like cooking. It’s not that i’m a great cook but whenever i’m cooking it makes me feel HAPPY 🙂 and I do really enjoy it.

I have other interests as well like Photography, traveling,reading and stuff related to art n craft. Neither i am great cook nor a professional photographer. I do it because i enjoy doing it. 🙂

As a person I am Moody, a bit LAZY, Sensitive, Soft Spoken, Straight Forward, Introvert, Loud (in short a perfect WOMEN :P)

Thanks to my Mommy who is A Great Cook and My Dad who Enjoy’s Cooking 🙂 And my Brother who always says “You are A Disaster at Cooking :P” And my Lil Angel Sis who loves me more than Anyone no matter what 🙂 And my Maasi’s recipe (they are ALL Yumm )
Blog Name Courtesy: The Man/Love of My Life “Alekh Singh”
Thanks Everyone 🙂
Hope you all would appreciate my effort 🙂
Keep enjoying and keep smiling 🙂