Green Apple Detox

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I can barely go out in this scorching heat and😬 we still have a loonnggg summer ahead of us and☀️🔥 of course, I cannot drink cold coffee daily😜 Calorie conscious you know😝 and also my body need some detox water so that I can now try some more yummy dishes. So the healthy me decided to make something healthy which I can drink without counting on calories. And here it is…refreshing Green Apple Detox to beat the heat 😄

I am sure detox water needs no introduction but still, the little bit gyani me wants to tell.😜 Green Apples are recognized as one of the healthiest fruits and detox water helps to cleanse your body and burn fat also. So what are you waiting for? Go and prepare a jar full of green apple detox and enjoy a healthy drink.

  • 2-3 Green apple
  • 1 Jar full of water
  • 1-inch cinnamon stick

This is ALL you need to make this healthy and refreshing drink 🍹
Cut apple into thin slices. Take water in a jar and add apple slices and cinnamon stick. Keep it in a fridge overnight and enjoy the next day. Add ice cubes if you want and enjoy 😊


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