Grilled Pesto Paneer Sub Sandwich

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How many of you love Basil-Pesto?

Well, Basil-Pesto has my heart. I love trying new recipes with this. Pesto is such a versatile sauce that goes well with anything and everything.

This recipe qualifies for one of the delicious and quick breakfast options. If you skip the grilling part then this could be “no cook breakfast” too. Although I love that extra grilled paneer and bread in my sandwiches.

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Serves 4


  • 250Gms Paneer, sliced into 4 parts
  • 4 Multigrain sub bread
  • Basil-Pesto sauce (as desired)
  • Lettuce leaves – 4
  • Sliced tomatoes – 8
  • Sliced cucumber – 8
  • Tomato ketchup (as desired)
  • Butter, for grilling

Let’s learn recipe for Grilled Pesto Paneer Sub Sandwich


Step 1- Prick the sliced paneer and coat well with pesto sauce.

Heat a skillet and sizzle some butter. Grill the sliced paneers from both the sides until you see some brown spots.

Step 2- Take one half of the sub bread and spread some pesto sauce inside. Place grilled pesto paneer, cucumber spices, tomato slices and a lettuce leaf.

Take another half and spread some ketchup and place the bread on the sandwich keeping the ketchup side down.

Step 3- Grill the sandwich in a sandwich maker or grill on a skillet pan. Serve warm and enjoy the delicious breakfast.

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