15 Diwali Recipes | Sweets And Savories

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Indian Festival and Sweets go hand in hand. Can you imagine any India festival without sweets and savories? No, right? As Diwali is approaching soon, Here I am sharing my collection of 15 Diwali Sweets And Savories Ideas with you all. 🙂

Be ready with a box of these goodies for your friends and guests visiting this Diwali. ❤


  1. Coconut Ladd0o
  2. Paan Laddoo
  3. Gulab Jamun
  4. Instant Gajar Halwa
  5. Coconut Cookies
  6. Instant Milk Peda
  7. Roasted Phool Makhana
  8. Spicy Roasted Phool Makhana
  9. Moong Dal Kachori
  10. Urad Dal Kachori
  11. Dahi Vada
  12. Bhakarwadi Recipe
  13. Puff Pastry Samosa
  14. Punjabi Samosa
  15. Poha Chivda


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